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CADian 2010



1. Automization of mechanical design and integration of BOM & Drawing into One

2D & 3D Symbols for mechanical designer

CADianMech does not only provide 2D symbols but also 3D symbols; in terms of standards in Mechanical engineering, it supports KS, JIS, and ANSI; various manufacturer standards such as motors, differentiators, and so forth; and electric symbols, symbols for oil pressure and engineering symbols, pipe symbols, tolerances, marks for the final polish are supplied for machine design.


More than 50 millions mechanical components are provided and through continuous upgrade CADianMech supports up-to-date working environment.



Block Management

Standard components are completely provided but non-standardized standards must be managed as blocks.
These blocks are iconized based on their standards for the convenient management. In addition, specific data such as names, standards, materials, and so on can be inserted into individual components for a better management.



Scientific calculator and Useful Utilities

CADianMech provides all the scientific calculations occupying much time in drawing tasks, easy-dimensioning, convenient variable-setting, hole or tab chart generation, detail drawings, pipe automatic-generation, and distance calculation, which are very useful for machine design.



BOM automatic-generation and Link between BOM and External Data

This application automatically generates part lists and part component lists.
After making a drawing, it simultaneously generates a total table for part lists and, using the table data, it links them to external data formats such as Excel, Lotus, and text files.
Furthermore, using the data, enterprise management system such as ERP and MIS is easily linked; and, another features such as automatic summary of needed materials will be added soon.



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CADian 2010 System Requirements
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7
Pentium or greater
512MB memory or higher [Recommend : 4GB]
CD ROM Drive (for installation only)