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Linkey system

The Department of Information Technology (IT) has developed complete software for Drawing & Facility Management, namely Linkey System. Being local, we know the local practice including yours. Also, being computing and building engineering professionals, we speck your language and understand intimately yours requirements. We never provide you just a near-right product. It comprises four different systems:

1) Drawing Manager

2) Space Manager

3) Maintenance Manager

4) Project Manager.

Implementing Linkey, you achieve significant saving in building operation and management cost. Linkey system has been applied in many prestige projects in Hong Kong . Such job references are available upon request.

We have gathered valuable experience in working with our many customers. Many happy customers keep coming back to us. Apart from the regularly development of Linkey system, SRD has also helped the customers develop custom-made application software through system analysis down to the program coding based on their requirements. We carefully listen to their problems and requirements, we intiate and offer solutions with well thought-out methodology, and we help our customers achieve their goals. We also server as a valuable bridge between the Facility Management (FM) team and Information Technology (IT) team of our customers by proposing elegant solutions that satisfy the challenging criteria of both teams.

Local service support is often the decisive factor for successful implementation of a software system. Without good and easily accessible local support, a software syste,. no matter how great it can be, is liable to break down anytime. Our Mission is to provide a practical software solution that could contribute to the modernizing of local facility management practice and help Hong Kong to live up to the reputation of world-renowned city.

Linkey projects

  • University of Macau, Taipa Island

  • MTRC West Rail Nam Cheong Station Residential Development

  • International Commerce Centre, ICC

  • EMSD Record Drawing Enhancement Project

  • Mega Cotai Project, Macau

  • Science Park, Phrase I & II, Taipo

  • Heng Seng Bank

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To sustain the leading role of CAD in building industry, SRD has been representing the CADLink Building Services Design Software in Hong Kong and Macau by Aceri UK for more than ten years. The software provides a powerful CAD integrated design tool for HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems.


SRD has also been appointed as the distributor of CADian drafting software in Hong Kong and Macau since 2006. This drafting software is compatible with DWG file and provides a reasonable price for Computer Aided Drafting and Design environment.


SRD can provide total solution to our esteemed customers from design and construction stages to the facility management of properties.

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