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CADian 2010



1. Powerful Application Tools for ARCHitectural Design
  CADianARCH is the architectural third-party application which used to run under AutoCAD, having TADD-5 as its name. This application has necessary features for drawing architectural drawings with its solid capability

CADianARCH, which was released as an architectural third-party application in 1990 for AutoCAD and was used in AutoCAD for a while getting good responses from architectural engineers, has been developed to run with IntelliCAD as a low-cost architectural application, keeping the features and performances as same as those in AutoCAD.

Those who are familiar with CAD systems using digitizers, defining short keys, and so on, do not take a long to start to use this program right away with less hassles due to its easy interface.

Hence CADianARCH has been developed analyzing real fields and even working environments, a variety of utilities such as floor plan, Beam, Column, Slab and Drawing list are very easy for users to use and very helpful for drawing tasks.

Many institutions have selected this application as the education tool for their students, and it becomes one of the standards for governmental offices as the architectural program.


2. Various drawing features
  ﹥ Plan Drawing
﹥ Elevation or Section Drawing
﹥ Dimensioning and Hatching
﹥ Drawing beams, slabs, colums, and drawing lists
﹥ Other features
﹥ CADianARCH Environment



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CADian 2010 System Requirements
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7
Pentium or greater
512MB memory or higher [Recommend : 4GB]
CD ROM Drive (for installation only)