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Cymap CADLink Building Services Design Software

CADLink Building Services Design Software is specialising in Mechanical and Electrical system design in building services. The software has realised the needs of engineering practitioners in building industry and dedicates to provide quality of design work in the construction project.
Cymap CADLink


"A rather unique set of products that make child's play of Building analysis, services design and specification." - CADD Magazine


"...... The package is professional in its layout, manipulation and presentation of diagrams and results" - Electrical Review Magazine


The positive comments from periodic publications make CADLink becoming well known in the building industry and hundreds of license has been sold in Hong Kong.


CADLink Building Services Design Software has the following features:-

Cooling/heating load calculation based on CIBSE, ASHRAE or DIN standard ;
Automatic ductwork sizing in compliance with DW 144 ;
Automatic piping sizing for chilled water system and plumbing system ;
Electrical lighting design based on CIBSE standard ;
Electrical power system design based on BS7671 ;
Able to import models from AutoCAD or Autodesk Building System (ABS) ;
Able to export the design intent data to AutoCAD.

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Cymap CADLink 10.1 System Requirements
Windows 95/98/ME or NT4/Windows 200/XP

Pentium 300 MHz or better

128MB RAM or more

At lease 800MB Disk Space (for complete installation)

CD-ROM Drive

14" SVGA Monitor

An appropriate dongle