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CADian 2010


Productivity Features

Fly-over snapping

Fly-over snapping is a visual aid, to help you see and use entity snaps more efficiently.



Photorealistic 3D rendering (optional)

CADian lets you easily create 3D designs using the 3D drawing tools. You can display hidden-line, shaded, or fully rendered versions of your 3D models or your existing 3D libraries with a click of a button. You can choose professional-quality, preset options for lighting, surface materials, and backgrounds. With CADian's sophisticated raytracing capabilities, you can produce photorealistic 3D renderings. Requires license of rendering technology from Lightwork Design.



ActiveX support including in-place editing

CADian provides in-place Editing of Microsoft objects written in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel. In-place Editing enables you to share data with the different users and the programs.


For instance, CADian drawings can be inserted in Microsoft Word or Excel documents and can include Word or Excel documents. Furthermore, double-clicking enables data editing.



Drawing Explorer for managing layers, blocks, line types, and more

CADian Explorer of CADian 2010 has the similar interface to Windows Explorer so that users can find layers, line types, text styles, blocks, view, coordinates(UCS) and so forth in a drawing and manage them very easily. In other words, necessary elements from opened drawings can be copied or moved to other drawing or can be removed.



Graphical block preview

If an opened drawing has blocks, CADian Explorer shows blocks' shapes and indicates how many blocks are inserted in the drawing; and thereby users can work on drawings very precisely.



Work with multiple open drawings (MDI)

CADian 2010 can open an unlimited number of drawings in an individual session with less memories. Selecting a file in a dialog by choosing [Open] from [File] or dragging a drawing file into CADian,you can open drawings simultaneously, and increase the efficiency of work. Furthermore, among the opened drawings, users can copy, cut, and paste a certain part from a drawing to other drawings.



Real Time Pan & Zoom

CADian allows users to work with their drawings using Real Time Pan and Zoom. This functionality makes viewing and navigating around your .DWG drawing files easier and more productive.



Right-mouse click to edit properties of multiple selected entities

With CADian, you can modify the properties of more than one entity at a time. For example, you might use CADian's "Entprop" command to select all entities on a particular layer, then use the Layer text box to move those entities to another layer. You could also change all the entities in one color to another color.



Script recorder

Like a macro in Word, a script mimics what you type, including command names, options and coordinates. CADian fully supports scripting. In fact, it reads and writes the same script files (.SCR) that work in AutoCAD. CADian, however, provides several scripting enhancements that vastly improve your productivity:


An automatic launch feature: Double-click an SCR script file in Windows Explorer and you'll open CADian and run the script instantly.
A script recorder: Use the script recorder to automatically capture your keystrokes and mouse actions including menu picks, toolbar button selections, and screen picks. To review the script, simply play it back.
A script append feature: Use this feature to add new scripts to existing ones.
Enhanced scripting commands: CADian's commands include Recscript, which begins the recording, and Stopscript, which stops any script that's running.



Unlimited undo/redo

Go ahead and try out all your drawing ideas. CADian lets you "Undo" and "Redo" an unlimited number of editing actions. (With AutoCAD, you can "Undo" an unlimited number of actions, but you can only "Redo" one.)



Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) (optional, COM is standard)

CADian 2010 includes a full implementation of Microsoft Visual Basic, Applications Edition (VBA), a development environment that simplifies the creation and execution of Visual Basic applications.



Visual customiztion of menus and toolbars

CADian supports AutoCAD menus (MNU), dialog boxes (DCL), fonts (SHX), scripts (SCR), and symbol libraries, so you can easily transfer custom AutoCAD environments into CADian and continue working in your favorite drafting environment. CADian menus, function keys, and command aliases are able to be redefined by using a mouse and toolbars being changable by drag-and-drop.

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