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CADian 2010



For the first time ever, you can buy a heavy-duty CAD program that's compatible with the .DWG file format and AutoCAD applications at mass-market pricing. Other feature-rich, low-cost CAD programs have tried to create their own standard as opposed to leveraging the existing .DWG standard. CADian's low price makes it affordable to anyone who creates and uses .DWG files



Support for AutoCAD command line

By clicking the right button of a mouse on the toolbar then selecting [command bar] from the shortcut menu, or pressing [F3], the command line appears as in AutoCAD. Furthermore, users are able to use AutoCAD commands and thousands of programs coded by AutoLISP, ADS, and VBA.



Digitizer Support

Many drafting departments have established routines using digitizers within their CAD workgroup. For CAD departments that utilize digitizers as input devices. CADian supports both tablet mode for tracing and the use of tablet menus for command input.



Native DWG support, dwg files (including R14 to R2004/8)

As AutoCAD, CADian uses native dwg files so that any drawings saved in AutoCAD from R 14 to R 2004/8 can be opened, modifed, and saved without data loss. CADian 2010 happens to open old drawings such as AutoCAD R 11 - R 14 drawings more easily than AutoCAD.



AutoCAD menu (.MNU) and script (.SCR) files

CADian supports AutoCAD menus (MNU), dialog boxes (DCL), fonts (SHX), scripts (SCR), and symbol libraries, so you can easily transfer custom AutoCAD environments into CADian and continue working in your favorite drafting environment.



Object ARX support (not yet supported)

Currently, CADian does not support the Object ARX proprietary language created by Autodesk. CADian provides complete support for AutoLISP, Autodesk's proprietary macro language, as well as the Autodesk Development System (ADS), Autodesk's proprietary programming language. CADian also supports DLL files and includes a preview version of VBA.



Raster image display (optional)

Image Enabler of CADian 2010 supports the image composed files shch as scanning files or photos on drawings. Supported formats are BMP, CALS(cg4, gp4, cal, g4), GIF, JPG, PCX, TIF, TIFF, DAT, HRF, TGA, PNG, RAS, RLC, BIL and lots of images are able to be attached to a drawing using "detaching", "reloading", and "unloading" functions. In addition, Combining a raster image and CADian's vector data generates a drawing and the order between the vector data and raster image can be controlled.

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